Myopic decoration

Myopic decoration

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The short-sighted also have the right to their decor! The cabinet version letters from ophthalmo make their debut in home decor for offbeat and very designer use. The letters XXL version are installed on the textile for very graphic effects and invest the posters to check your sight at any time in your decoration. To make the letter the centerpiece of your decoration, Kidimo offers unique zinc brand letters to form your own decorative words. In a retro style, Hello my cushion covers its famous canvas cushions of real ophthalmic canvases for school medical inspection which may remind memories to some. For those who swear by design, the traditional ophthalmic letters turn into an alphabet of the most beautiful pieces in the history of design. Both a general knowledge test and a vision test, since the objects shrink as you go, this poster will be a real playful attraction. Otherwise you can always revise your design alphabet: C like Castiglioni, J like Jacobsen, L like Le Corbusier… Discover our selection of decorative objects like an ophthalmic cabinet:


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