Our tips for a successful gourmet brunch

Our tips for a successful gourmet brunch

Originally served in American cafes, restaurants and hotels, brunch is determined to take pride of place in our French homes. During the weekend or the holidays, we put the small dishes in the big ones, ready to receive family and friends. In the form of a buffet to share or a plentifully garnished plate, we love its relaxed and friendly spirit. Contraction of breakfast (English breakfast) and lunch (lunch), it is generally served at the end of the morning. Replacing breakfast, it can last until dinner, satisfying the most demanding gourmets. Salads, quiches, cold meats, cakes, fruit juice, tea or coffee ... Brunch is a rich and complete meal. But how can you seduce your most greedy guests? What are the essential elements for a successful brunch? Around the world of brunches, best dishes, atmosphere ... The editorial staff of dé tells you everything!

Brunch: origins across the Atlantic

© Petit Pot de Beurre In France brunch has had its followers for a few years now. Whether it is held on weekends or during holidays, it generally takes place between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. Dressed as a buffet or served on the plate, we often tend to start with the sweet. Initially, this form of meal is originally from the United States. Traditionally served in hotels and restaurants, this formula allowed Sunday sleepers (but not only!) to eat despite a late awakening. After a resounding success, it then developed in the United Kingdom and finally reached our countries in the 80s. Bacon, scrambled eggs, sautéed potatoes, coleslaw (cold carrot and cabbage salad), or even pancakes… Most of the time, the traditional American brunch is very nutritious. And not necessarily innocent for those who want to keep the line! In its chic New York version, it is paired with some sweet drinks like champagne or light cocktails. As for sweets, we are again spoiled for choice. Cheese cakes, carrot cakes, brownies, pecan pie, delicious muffins and cupcakes… In France, there is no hesitation in being inspired by various culinary influences. But then, is the ideal French brunch rather sweet or savory? It's up to you! And why not both ? In general, we start with the sweet, we continue with the salty… To finish with a sweet touch again, as a dessert. Does it make your mouth water?

Brunch around the world

Today, the success of brunch is no longer to prove! So much so that the formula is now found in many countries. There is no shortage of variants. The proof, with this little world tour of brunches: *England: “Baked beans”, poached eggs, bacon or grilled bacon, small sausages, tomatoes, toasted sandwich bread, scones, muffins, marmalade, teas… *Canada: blueberry pancakes, French toast, fresh fruit yogurt and homemade granola, bacon, “Bénédictine” eggs… *Scandinavian: smoked fish, blinis, tarama, salmon tartare, crème fraîche, small canapes with fish roe and fresh cheese, lingonberry jam, rye bread, fresh fruit juice and coffee… *Spain: potato tortilla, serrano ham, manchego cheese, chorizo, tomato bread, rice pudding, Catalan cream, dry cookies, hot chocolate… *Germany: pretzels, potato pancakes, cold meats, sausages, cabbage, black bread (or cereal), cheese, jam ... *China: steamed ravioli, braised meats, woks of sautéed vegetables, sweet fruit fritters, tea… *Mexico: fruit in abundance (orange, watermelon, pineapple, papaya…), guacamole and nachos, avocados, red bean purée, eggs, peppers, corn, empanadas, quesadillas, fajitas…

The ideal brunch: what to serve to toast?

© Readers Digest At the drink level, let yourself be tempted by a juice / fresh fruit smoothie for a vitamin awakening. For children, there is a delicious hot chocolate. Then we revel good tea or coffee, just to prepare for the animation of the day. But brunch is also a privileged moment where good humor and relaxation are essential ... This is why we gladly allow ourselves a glass of light wine, some bubbles, or a good cocktail to sip. Whether it's a punch, a marquisette or a mimosa, why not mark the occasion? After all, in good conditions, there is nothing wrong with having fun! Moreover, in this regard, the Bloody mary (tomato juice and vodka cocktail) is said to be beneficial for combating hangovers. You might as well fight the fire with the fire, notice to those interested!

A gourmet brunch to delight your taste buds and pupils

© In terms of delicacies, what are the essential products for an optimal brunch? The ideal brunch is a meal where nothing is lacking. In his checklist, we check that we have enough breads and pastries. This is the basis of brunch, to which we add our spreads. Sweet butter / semi-salt, jams, honey, chocolate spreads, caramel, lemon cream… The French toast and the maple syrup pancakes will delight young and old. We also think of fruits, varied and in large number, essential to assert our vitality. To marry with dried fruit, yogurt and granola for example? But if it is an essential product, regardless of the country, it's the egg. Boiled, poached, scrambled, mimosa, or omelette, You choose ! And if we opted for “Benedictine” eggs? Two halves of English muffin, a slice of ham, bacon, or smoked salmon, a poached egg ... We cover everything with hollandaise sauce (lemon butter emulsion), and voila! For vegetarians, we replace the meat with a nice slice of tomato. Not jealous. To complete the protein offer, we authorize some quality cheese and cold meats. Too bad for the line, there are guilty pleasures essential to any brunch worthy of the name! A sprig of mesclun and a few sautéed potatoes to accompany it all ... 100% guaranteed treat. We finally think of the big trend of “Power bowl”, this beautifully presented bowl containing an ultra-vitamin blend to feel boosted in the morning! Whether in the form of a savory or sweet recipe, it will have its small effect.

A warm atmosphere for a successful brunch

© Maisons du Monde But what would brunch be without a delicate and comfortable atmosphere? Friendly and unifying, brunch is the symbol of sharing. And for the party to be in full swing, a nice decor is required. A few gentle touches are enough to create a cozy and harmonious decor. of the flowers Gleaned from the garden (or from the local florist) will add the necessary touch of nature. As for lighting, we opt for dim or natural lights. of the candles here and there will bring a warm note to your decor. If you're in the running for the prize for the best brunch in your neighborhood, don't forget the basics! Nothing like a pretty dishes to put small dishes in large ones. Chipped plates will not do justice to the delicious dishes you have prepared. And yes, even well presented! Let us honor his wedding tableware or a contemporary ceramic service, we take care of the presentation. For optimal training, at least one cup and two glasses are available per person. Finally, we do not omit the textile part. A white tablecloth, cloth napkins and a linen table runner… It only takes a few things to set up a lovely table. Finally, how about a little musical note to complete the atmosphere? A few pieces of soul or jazz to punctuate the meal. With that, impossible not to delight your guests! If you still had nothing to do this weekend, why not invite a few friends? Now that you are a brunch pro, we are ready to bet that your invitation will be greatly appreciated ... Bon appétit!