When fashion meets the souvenir gift

When fashion meets the souvenir gift

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Tourist on a spree in Paris? Simple inhabitant in love with his dear city,? Do you want to give yourself a little souvenir made in Paris, but are you tired of kitsch and little original trinkets? Today your lamentations have been heard by the I WAS IN concept. Presentation… Pbecause the souvenir object is above all a reference to a place, trip, a special moment… the new brand has just developed a 100% original concept which dedusts "the souvenir gift". Starting from a simple observation - Paris is one of the only capitals in Europe not to have a global souvenir offer, stamped made in Paris, with its own visual identity - Philippe Issaly and François Leclerc had the ingenious idea of I WAS IN PARIS concept. The brand thus offers a fashionable textile collection , objects and accessories with very trendy shapes and materials. No less than a hundred references stand out with an elegant and offbeat design. I WAS IN is already present in the capital through two brands (Hôtel de Ville and Carrousel du Louvre) as well as with a corner at Galeries Lafayettes. An airport presence is planned for this spring. But the brand does not intend to stop there and hopes to increase its expansion and open 10 points by 2011. Recently it has been offered the development of the I WAS IN MOULIN ROUGE collection. Be careful, the I WAS IN tornado has just landed… To find out more: I WAS IN


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