Le robinier, the natural alternative for your terrace

Le robinier, the natural alternative for your terrace

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A new living room if ever there was one, the garden sometimes represents a real headache for planning: knowing how to juggle between aesthetics and naturalness is not an easy task. However, today there is a sustainable and ecological solution to offer the terrace of your dreams, between Zen attitude and natural comfort: the locust tree. The locust (Robinia pseudoacacia or false acacia) whose name pays homage to Jean Robin, botanist and arborist of King Henry IV, is a species imported from North America. The first specimen, planted in 1601 place Dauphine in Paris and then transferred to the Jardin des Plantes in 1635, still exists. Little known today, the locust represents the third leafy species of production after poplar and eucalyptus, covering 3.2 million hectares worldwide. With characteristics equivalent to teak, it constitutes a real alternative to the use of the most popular tropical woods. The standard NF EN 335 which lists the durability of wood in 5 classes of risk of biological attack (the higher the index, the more the resistance is satisfactory) classifies the locust tree in risk 4, which makes it one of the rare essences admitted naturally in the raw state and without any chemical treatment. The presence of a natural antiseptic, the tap, allows it to resist external attacks and therefore asserts itself as a material particularly suitable for outdoor works. Its exceptional longevity is 25 to 40 years when it is in contact with the ground, up to 80 years without direct contact and 500 to 1000 years in dry environment, under shelter. Faced with stone slabs, wood has certain advantages: easier to install, it offers great freedom of creation. Non-slip, it never becomes hot even after a very long exposure to the sun. So go ahead and make locust your ally in garden decoration, your terraces, paving and others will only be more aesthetic! To find out more: www.alternabois.fr


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