My boxed PVC flooring

My boxed PVC flooring

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Tarkett, the PVC floor specialist innovates with life-changing packaging: Floor In a box is a PVC floor that is easy to transport in its square box, easy to install thanks to its stickers and easy to live with, like all floor coverings PVC. Explanation. Square boxes with all the floor of my house inside? This is what offers Tarkett in a Floor , a cubic box containing a roll of 2 square meters of soil ready to install yourself. The PVC coating takes place in its box and is glued thanks to the adhesive strips prefixed on the back. Do not panic if you stick it wrong or crooked, it can be repositioned for the hour following the first pose! Advice before installation: as with parquet and plant fiber floors, store your boxes in the room to be covered at least 24 hours before so that the coating takes on the humidity level (or humidity level). And like all PVC flooring, Tarkett in a Floor must be laid on a support, smooth, hard and healthy. For the decor,we find the decorative classics of Tarkett:parquet, concrete or metal strip effect, in different shades. And which will be available in all rooms of the house, except the bathroom because PVC does not like big water!For maintenance precisely:vacuum cleaner and damp mop with light detergent once a week! And There you go ! > More info on


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