Bathrooms for people with reduced mobility

Bathrooms for people with reduced mobility

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France has 3.2 million disabled people. In 2020, the over 60s will represent 30% of the French population. Figures that show the importance of integrating the notions of accessibility into housing. More and more bathroom manufacturers are thinking about the concept of accessibility to design products adapted to these new challenges. In addition, a new label has emerged, "Bien Vivre", awarded to bathroom manufacturers who offer products adapted to the different situations people may encounter during their lifetime. At the last show Ideobain , there have been many innovations in terms of accessibility. So, Aquadream presented an ergonomic bathroom, AQUAComforT, with a remote vanity top (Cozy Corner) to free an obstacle-free space for the legs of a person in a wheelchair. This basin has been the subject of a worldwide patent filing. In Calibe , note a patented shower door Arbatax Moove , which opens automatically thanks to a presence detector. The brand Idhra offers a shower screen with a unique concept of sliding and pivoting doors halfway up, Idhraline . The company PDPLAN France markets, for its part, two shower screens responding to the problem of disability, Flaier and Crystal Series . For people with reduced mobility, SAS designed the "extended cuffs" and "reduced mobility" kits which adapt to the support structure of Ineo wall-hung toilets. This makes it possible to easily change the comfort of use of its toilets. The brand Wirquin has developed three interesting products: a reservoir of electronic toilet flush which works with a presence detector, very simple to implement as part of a renovation, a support frame to adjust the bowl to the desired height thanks to a sliding frame driven by a gas spring; and finally a raised seat with removable armrests. Finally Teuco offers shower-tub combinations designed to meet the needs of all family members: children, adults and the elderly. Everyone can enjoy the bathtub and shower simply and safely.


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