The 3 keys to a trendy teen bedroom

The 3 keys to a trendy teen bedroom

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In the teenage bedroom, there are certain codes that parents may not know! So to get you up to date and better understand the expectations of your teens in terms of decoration, we give you the keys to what they like!

Key n ° 1: a studio spirit

For today's teens, there is no question that their room looks like a child's room. Besides, the key word of their room is independence! So to translate this word in the decor, we put on a studio spirit. This means that the bed must ultimately be discreet enough to be a room to live in during the day. So we opt for a mezzanine bed or a convertible sofa which will be ideal for entertaining friends during the afternoon. A TV corner will be highly appreciated!

Key 2: New York or London style

Style wise, the teenagers are unanimous and it's the urban style that wins! There is still a nuance in this style: some will swear by New York buildings and others will prefer the Union Jack flag. No matter the style, teens therefore opt for the inspiration of a bustling capital with a loft style and obvious signs of the decorative destination they have chosen.

Key n ° 3: the codes of urban art

And to establish the urban style in New York or London style, teens are inspired by urban art by drawing their inspiration from the street. Thus, their decor is adorned with tags and other decorations that put the street in the spotlight like skateboards as a shelf. Note that this part could be their domain of decorative expression. Why not let them spray paint on a wall?