It's trendy: cork!

It's trendy: cork!

The designers are formal: cork, an exceptional material, has started its comeback! After a great craze in the 70s, it had somewhat dropped in popularity. Those days are now over! Raw material with a tender heart, this elastic medium with warm nuances can now be integrated into any interior. In total look or with small subtle and controlled touches, we love its natural speckle. Praised by the biggest names in design, it is now available in countless forms and uses to please the eye, but not only. Indeed, in the movement to return to authenticity which seems to carry more and more consumers, it is above all part of a 100% ecological approach. Whether furniture, floor, wall covering or decorative object, its many properties make it a real asset. Insulating, shockproof and waterproof, cork has definitely not finished surprising us. What if you let yourself be tempted?

Cork, a natural and ecological material

© Le Routard / La Dépêche de Kabylie On the left, a cork oak from which the bark has just been taken. Right, the raw material waiting to be processed. Made from the bark of a tree called cork oak, cork is mainly harvested around the Mediterranean basin. With more than half of the world production, Portugal is the first manufacturer in the world. Harvesting is carried out by hand every nine years, in the rules of art. In order to preserve the tree as much as possible for future removal, care is taken not to injure the trunk. After emergence, the cork is cleaned and dried, before taking its final form. The cork oak is a remarkable tree: even if its bark is removed, the latter tirelessly regrows, regenerating the missing material. So this is an inexhaustible natural resource, a completely renewable material. But that's not all. In order to recreate its bark, the tree needs carbon dioxide. And this, between three and five times more than a cork oak whose bark is unscathed. Harvesting cork therefore contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gases. No, you're not dreaming : by buying cork, you are helping to slow down global warming! No more excuses not to crack… For a 100% eco-friendly decor!

Multiple properties for a single material

© NatureLiege In the bedroom, on the wall, the cork isolates you from the surrounding noises. Cork's talents don't stop at its environmental qualities. Not only is it light, malleable and elastic, it is also a material of choice in terms of insulation. Whether thermal or acoustic, no need to do heavy work to benefit from this comfort! Installed on the ground, for example, it halves footsteps. Perhaps an opportunity to make peace with the neighbors below? In addition to providing cushioning and softness on the go, it preserves heat. If we can save on the heating bill, we are delighted! With its high resilience, it does not fear shocks, hence the creation of bi-material objects combining robustness and elegance. But the list of qualities does not stop there. Interestingly, it adapts easily to water features because waterproof, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and of course rot-proof. When you are told that he is a champion!

Designer's favorite: cork 2.0

© Made In Design The Basil series by designer Arthur Leitner, the editor's favorite. If known since antiquity, cork had its heyday in the 70s. With its natural look and its unique patterns, it is back in force today, enhanced by the talent of renowned designers. Part of the slow life trend due to its raw and authentic appearance, cork is sort of the new wood. In terms of furniture first, like the Corque Design brand which brings together the talent of different designers around the cork medium. Its goal ? Promote the sensory and environmental characteristics of the material, through a creative, functional and sustainable design. In the same spirit, the Sofalca group, specialized in insulation, created the BlackCork brand, in a resolutely modern spirit. To discover, many seats and small coffee tables whose particularity lies in the smoked color of the cork that compose them. The editor Petite Friture also highlights the Basil series, side tables with cork notes imagined by the designer Arthur Leitner. Little by little, more accessible brands succumb in their turn to the charm of the material. A clock at Zuiver, a floor lamp at Drawer, a trivet at Ferm Living, vases at Bloomingville, or even the furniture giant Ikea with his “Sinnerlig” series… The choice is not lacking, so it's your turn to play!

© Ikea Sinnerlig, collection born from the collaboration with designer Ilse Crawford.

Cork: how to integrate it into my decor?

© Haro The Haro brand offers elegant, comfortable and trendy cork floors. With its soft hues, it is easy to match in our interiors and can match almost any color. If we think in the first place of the irreducible bulletin board in the office, this is not the only place of expression of this beautiful material. Today, we no longer hesitate to cover a whole section of wall for a character decoration. And why not in the living room? Sold in the form of rolls or large panels, it is lightweight, easy to handle and install. For a metamorphosis in the blink of an eye! Matched with white and light colors, it goes perfectly with a Scandinavian decor. Then it's up to you to add your personal touch: why not customize it with a few pretty photos? And as it is a resistant material, it becomes easy to change the display as soon as the desire arises! On the floor, it brings a soft and warm atmosphere. It is now found in various colors, or even imitation wood, that is to say if it is adulated! On the kitchen floor, we appreciate it for its anti-shock properties. Good news: it also works when a plate escapes your hands! But it is also found in the form of a tray, trivet… And why not cork in the bathroom? With his legendary waterproof, it brings the little spark of originality. In the furniture or in small touches in the decor of the living room, it is soft to look at and appreciated for its phonic qualities. Similarly, in the bedroom, fixed to the wall, it isolates you from outside noise. Restful sleep is yours!Clearly, cork is a material with multiple possibilities that has not finished surprising us! Between sustainable development and design 2.0, will you let yourself be charmed by this great brut with a tender heart?