Hot weather: our tips for keeping a house cool

Hot weather: our tips for keeping a house cool

1. Close the openings during the day

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To keep the house as fresh as possible, the first rule is to keep its doors and windows closed during the day . Opening to ventilate is a false good idea: it's the door open to heat! In particularly hot weather, we also make sure to close shutters and curtains. This simple technique makes it possible to prevent the sun from entering inside and thus avoid the greenhouse effect. This saves almost 25% of freshness! In terms of fittings, you can opt for thermal curtains, which are practical for isolating the house from the hot rays of the sun. But if you want to keep the light in the room, we adopt heat-resistant films to stick on the windows. Finally, the window frames are carefully caulked with insulating strips to avoid any rise in temperature. Quick and inexpensive solution, it is as practical in summer as in winter.

2. Make a flow of fresh air

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Once we have managed to prevent the heat from entering the house, we ventilate! Table fan in the living room or directly fixed to the ceiling in the bedroom, in mini format on USB socket for the office ... There are now many tips for breathing better during the summer heat. And for that, you don't necessarily need to install the air conditioning! If you want to cool the ambient air further, you set your sights on an air cooler. More accessible than an air conditioner, it also has the advantage of being very energy efficient . There are now available for all budgets. No more reason to deprive yourself! Be careful, however, not to choose a device that is too noisy, often the case for entry-level models. Finally, when the night freshness comes, nothing better than opening wide doors and windows in order to ventilate the house well. The ideal is to create through air currents at the openings opposite. This avoids the proliferation of bacteria and odors, and as a bonus we gain between 1 and 4 degrees of freshness. It would be a shame to deprive yourself !

3. Avoid household chores

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Here is a saving pretext which is likely to please more than one! Rule number 3: we ignore household chores … At least during the day! If doing a bit of washing up in cold water may seem a bit cool, running your dishwasher in the middle of the afternoon is a very bad idea. Better to stay quiet while waiting for the evening and its milder temperatures. Not only activating increases body heat and sweating, but in addition household appliances give off a large amount of heat . This avoids the chore of ironing or the preparation of hot meals requiring the use of the oven or hotplates. For us, the salad of crudités for lunch, we will wait until evening to simmer our little hot dishes. But that's not all ! We don't forget to disconnect devices in standby which are not useful: television, computer, various electronic devices… Not only does their consumption consume energy, but it can cause mercury to rise to several degrees!

4. Lower the humidity

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If the foggers and other sprays of mineral water are very pleasant during hot weather, be careful however don't overdo it ! If you've ever had the opportunity to travel to the tropics, you may know how difficult the damp heat is. At equivalent temperature, dry heat is much less uncomfortable for the body. he It is true that we advise to take cold showers and get wet in order to cool off. But it also skyrockets the humidity level in the house. The ideal is to couple hydration with a ventilator. On the other hand, if you don't like having wind in your hair, you can opt for a dehumidifier. Interesting when night ventilation is not enough, this device can capture the humidity of the air so that it becomes lighter and uncomfortable. The water thus recovered can even be used to water your indoor plants. Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed! Another solution for drying indoor air: the moisture absorber. Less expensive, it is effective combined with natural ventilation, and works without electricity. As a bonus, today there are even tutorials to make your own moisture absorber at low cost!

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With all of these tips, your summer should be more restful and fresh. It only remains for us to wish you a good holiday!