Window insulation

Window insulation

Double glazing

This operation consists of installing a panel made up of two panes fitted at the factory on metal or PVC profiles, separated by a dehydrated air gap. It is a single panel, which fits on the rebates of the frame and which, on a traditional window like here, requires the removal of small woods. Double glazing provides better thermal and sound insulation than glazing, simple fixing of an additional glazed panel without removing the old glazing.

Caulking joints

The insulation of the glazing is ineffective if there are significant leaks between the leaves and the frame. Caulking is therefore essential, and there are many ways to achieve it, from foam or rubber bands to silicone sealant. Metal profiles to nail are probably preferable because they are more durable, more aesthetic and also more effective. They ensure an excellent airtightness of the door frame.

Tools and materials

• Screwdriver drill
Back saw
Sanding block
Wood chisel
Extruder gun
Nail set
Metre -
Double glazing panel
Wood glue
Tips and screws
Cartridge sealant

Frame-to-wall connections

It is common that there are leaks between the frame and the masonry: they are manifested by traces of dirt on the wall, against the molding. To achieve good insulation, they must be removed by removing the molding and making the necessary fillings, using mortar, before re-fixing the molding.