5 tips for an interior that never goes out of fashion

5 tips for an interior that never goes out of fashion

As in fashion, decor trends keep evolving every year. So much so that we no longer know where to turn! To avoid having to change the interior every season and to save money, we are revealing all our tips. Discover the 5 commandments of an interior that never goes out of fashion!

1. Clear colors, you will favor

© Maisons du Monde For an interior that never goes out of fashion, you must choose light shades. On the walls, the paint is meant to be neutral. If you usually think of white (which has the advantage of visually enlarging a room), light shades like light gray or beige can also do the trick. The important thing is to choose a dominant color that can be easily combined with all the other colors. Because if the walls are neutral, you can have fun using more dapper colors on the decorative objects. Note that it is easier to change the cushion cover than the paint. In a few words, if you want a timeless interior while bringing your personal touch, you should bet on the small decoration. In the same way, prefer the solid on the walls and your large rooms (like the sofa and the curtains for example) to the prints. Your favorite patterns (liberty, gingham, geometric ...) will find their place on details. Again, the goal is to be able to more easily change small accessories if you get bored of them…

2. Timeless furniture, you will choose

© Drawer Bistro chair, architect's lamp, club armchair… All have one thing in common: they go back in time without aging. And yes, as in fashion, the decor has its basics. These essential pieces have the advantage of integrating into many interiors. From industrial style to country spirit through to Scandinavian, these renowned pieces of furniture are everywhere! And it is for this reason that they are safe values. So for a decoration that lasts, they are to be preferred ... No need to have the original pieces to create a stylish interior. Many brands and creators were inspired by these great classics to reproduce them up to date! This is the case of the famous Eames chair. Imagined by the couple of designers Charles and Ray Eames, this legendary seat is today diverted by the big brands of decoration. Result? It is accessible to the greatest number and it is not to displease us!

3. Sustainable materials, you will favor

© Maisons du Monde Whether for floor covering, furniture, household linen or small decoration, natural materials are to be preferred in a timeless interior. And for good reason, they advocate a real return to basics. In perfect harmony with nature, they blend into any decor. But that's not all, they also have the advantage of being resistant and more ecological (on the condition of inquiring when purchasing and opting for wood from eco-managed forests for example). It is not for nothing that they are called sustainable materials! On the ground, wood (parquet) and stone (tiling) are required. Prefer light shades for wooden furniture and avoid too bulky furniture to free up maximum space. Rattan is also a great ally for a timeless interior. Just like the other vegetable fibers (wicker, bamboo, straw ...)! As for household linen, choose linen or cotton. One thing is certain, these materials bring authenticity and charm to all types of interior!

4. Functional furniture, you will choose

For a timeless interior, the furniture must be as practical as it is aesthetic. To keep them as long as possible, the furniture should make your daily life easier. So, you must choose rooms offering storage spaces worthy of the name and allowing free movement in the rooms of the house. As for the seats, comfort comes first! So if you fall for a contemporary but uncomfortable armchair, go your way! The look is important, but what good is it if you don't use it? Do you have a little space? Choose smart furniture: multifunctional, retractable or modular! That's good, creators and large brands compete in ingenuity to create furniture suitable for large and small areas. As you can see, a well-designed and well-designed interior is an interior that you never tire of!

5. Plants, you will multiply

© Coq Hôtel Paris While it is easy to get bored with a style of decoration, it is almost impossible to get bored with nature. It must be said, there is nothing like an interior where nature reigns supreme. Indeed, green plants create a very soothing atmosphere and offer a breath of fresh air in any interior. And to believe the craze, the vegetable trend continues to seduce all decoration lovers. Terrarium, hanging plants, cactus collection, green wall… Everyone has their own type of plant! For once a decorative trend can be sustainable ... You would be wrong to deprive yourself! The good news ? In addition to bringing freshness and authenticity, plants have many health benefits. There are those that purify the air (sanitizing and depolluting plants) and those that increase the humidity for the winter (wellness plants). So what are you waiting for to go green?