Choose a plant fiber floor

Choose a plant fiber floor


It is the best known, which even serves as a generic term when we do not know how to differentiate the other fibers ... It looks slightly hairy and is obtained from long-softened coconut husks. Very robust, it is used especially on stairs. It is easily dyed but it is a material that remains particularly sensitive to water and whose installation and maintenance require some precautions:
Absolutely avoid installing it in a damp place, bathroom in particular, but also any room whose rising damp of the grounds would damage it in the short term.
At the time of purchase, check that the coconut has undergone a stain treatment with a specific product; if not, have it made by the manufacturer or the dealer.


It is the most beautiful and pleasant plant fiber. Soft to the touch, sisal rugs and carpets are made with the long leaves of a kind of cactus from subtropical countries: Agave sisalana. Its long fibers allow a dense weaving, with little pronounced relief, where the dust does not encrust. If it remains fragile in the face of damp stains, for which dry spot cleaning should be favored (powder shampoo then vacuuming), its regular maintenance is simple.