Flowers brighten up the house as winter approaches

Flowers brighten up the house as winter approaches

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Whatever the season, flowers spice up interior decoration and wake up living spaces. This fall we opt for bold colors to combine with natural materials. To remedy the sadness of the approaching winter, we brighten up the living spaces with seasonal flowers in bright and bright colors. To stick to the season, we choose natural, eco-friendly and robust materials such as metal, paper, glass, wood or cardboard. Discover our advice according to your interior:


In a modern interior with sober and refined lines, play on contrasts with touches of very bright colors that will give relief.


Use recycled materials. Place the flowers in diverted containers and do not hesitate to multiply them in several places to give a spontaneous aspect.


For a sober and modest atmosphere, we play on rustic containers combined with ceramic for a touch of elegance. We opt for flowers with bright colors but the same tone. Other bouquets ideas on


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