Holidays: checklist before leaving home

Holidays: checklist before leaving home

Ah the holidays! For months, you have been looking forward to this moment. You are in such a hurry to be there that you have almost forgotten everything else. And as always, you get stressed at the last minute. Whether it is to save energy, manage daily life or to avoid burglaries, discover the checklist of things to do in your home before going on vacation. What you can fully enjoy on site ... especially if you go on vacation to the Maldives

1. Putting energies on standby

When you go on vacation, you must put your house in pause mode. Not only does this save you from spending your money unnecessarily, but you will also save energy. In order not to forget anything, we have prepared for you the list of things to put on standby: * disconnect the electronic devices (television, computer, radio, game console, internet box…), * turn off the radiators or put them in position ' frost-free 'if you go in winter, * turn off or unplug the multiple sockets, * turn off the water or check that all the taps are closed, * turn off the gas and electricity (this is not an obligation but c is also a way to warn of a possible fire risk following a thunderstorm).

2. Warn of his departure

To go on vacation with peace of mind, it is always useful to warn a few people when you leave. Starting with the neighbor (or the concierge)! Indeed, it is more reassuring to know that a person can intervene in the event of a problem. If you consider your neighbor to be trustworthy, you can leave him a duplicate of the keys. The good news ? He can even water your plants, take care of a pet and pick up the mail! And when he in turn goes on vacation, you can offer him the same services. It is an exchange of good procedure in short! Of course, nothing prevents you from asking for the help of a loved one. No one can help you? No problem, there are solutions! Have your pet kept by a dog / cat sitter (or other) and buy a spout for the plants (provided you don't leave for too long). As for mail, you have two options: request a mail redirection to your vacation location or opt for mail storage in your post office (to be picked up when you return). Anyway, remember that a mailbox overflowing with mail is a sign of absence that does not deceive. In the same way, if you fear burglaries, avoid warning the whole world by posting travel photos on social networks…

3. Secure your home

© Leroy Merlin Speaking of theft risks, a survey by Budget-maison.com explains that 68% of those questioned are afraid of being robbed when they go on vacation. Are you one of them? Here are some precautions to take to prevent this from happening and leave without stress: * Start by collecting your small valuables such as jewelry. Since these are generally what burglars are looking for, find them a suitable hiding place! Underwear drawers are far too easy hiding places. So, use your imagination… Also remember to keep your invoices and take pictures of your valuables. This could be useful for insurance. * Check that all accesses are properly closed (windows and doors). Some will advise you to close your shutters, others will say that closed shutters will be signs of prolonged absence. The ideal is to simulate your presence using programmers to control the shutters and blinds remotely. To deceive appearances, home automation can even allow you to manage your lighting! It all depends on your requirements ... * To avoid the risk of burglary, nothing better than installing an alarm! And for good reason, it is a lethal weapon to deter burglars. Motion or opening detectors, surveillance camera, remote control system ... There is no shortage of choices! * If you need to be reassured, you can also benefit from the Holiday Tranquility Operation (OTV). This is a security service organized by the police and the gendarmerie, which carry out patrols around your home.

4. Thinking about the household

© Winter Dream When the holidays arrive, we only think about that until the day of departure. So much so that we sometimes (with accumulated fatigue) leave without thinking of returning. Except that there is nothing more unpleasant than coming back from vacation and finding a slightly dirty house. Especially when you know that a few oversights can turn into small disasters. To avoid unpleasant surprises, we therefore advise you to do a minimum of cleaning. First, don't forget to take out your trash. Remember not to leave any fruit or vegetable in a basket, especially if it is hot. It would still be a shame to enter your interior and discover a smell of decay, wouldn't it? In the same way, do your dishes and check that nothing is left in your dishwasher. Your departure can also be an opportunity to empty and unplug the fridge and freezer. Remember to leave the doors open for humidity (just like the washing machine). Finally, don't forget to reserve clean linen for your return and to change your sheets. Believe us, you will be happy to find a clean house once your vacation is over…