10 new models of stoves

10 new models of stoves

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Choosing a stove means choosing safe, economical and environmentally friendly heating. It's up to you to find the model that will sublimate your interior decoration. For the nostalgic, revive the charm of yesteryear, that of family or country houses with enameled models, ceramic or earthenware. If you are more modern, succumb to stoves that follow the trend, available in different colors and shapes. To help you make your choice, here is a selection of 10 new items classified according to their particularity.

The most Ch'ti stove

Invicta offers a small wood stove with asymmetrical lines that already has a name in tune with the times: the Ch'ti frying pan ! Available in anthracite, it lights up in red and ivory enameled versions. It will fit into all types of interior and will suit small spaces. Small but sturdy, it displays a power of 8kW ensuring the heating of a volume up to 160 m2. Connection to the flue from above or from behind.

The most original stove

Limited of Wanders will seduce you with its louvered doors. This Scandinavian wood stove thus offers two possibilities to appreciate it, open doors for an optimal vision of the flames, or closed doors for an original and trendy design. It also offers a solution for comfortable and economical heating, with a maximum heating power of 12kW.

The most retro stove

Luna of Invicta , elegantly set on its 3 feet, sets out to conquer all interior spaces. We love its retro side which will bring a very original decorative touch to your living room. Available in shiny black, anthracite, ivory and red enamel, this wood stove with a power of 10kW has an ingenious system to keep its windows clean. His secret? a veil of air circulates on the interior surface of the glass making it possible to burn the gases and the dust resulting from the combustion of wood. € 1,160 tax included

The most traditional stove

Caesar of Oliger Like all the brand's products, it is part of a tradition inherited from the famous "Kachel" of yesteryear combining charm, aesthetics and performance from our century. This tiled wood stove benefits from Oliger's latest invention: reconstituted ceramic called "Cérapâte". It ensures optimum comfort for its user thanks to a better distribution of heat.

The most open stove on the fire

Oslo of Brisach combines a compact aesthetic with a remarkable vision of fire with its three glass sides. With a power of 10kW, this wood-burning model is equipped with the Brisach Air Box system facilitating ignition and making it possible to optimally manage the intensity of the fire and the duration of combustion.

The most refined stove

Taiga of Brisach is a pellet stove that exists in many variants of finishes, colors and materials, for various decorative effects. Resolutely technological, this model uses pellets, a very ecological heating fuel for top performance.

The most minimalist stove

Yucatan of supra will seduce you with its minimalist design, its compact size and its integrated log holder. His arguments do not stop there since he is also very efficient. With its heating power of 10kW, it can heat surfaces up to 135m2. A heat amplifier pulses the hot air horizontally at ground level, which allows an even distribution of heat. In addition, the room heats up very quickly.

The most authentic

Laïticia of the Régnier Ceramic Workshops is part of the tradition of earthenware stoves made entirely by hand, decorated with a brush, signed and numbered. Here dressed in black satin, this model is available in different decorations, colored or patterned according to your request. A top solution so that your stove is in harmony with your interior decoration.

The most pivoting stove

Lisboa of Hase is a designer ceramic wood stove that will fit classy into your interior. Very practical, it rotates around its own axis, which will allow you to admire the play of flames wherever you are in your room. Available in a wide variety of colors (black, silver gray, chocolate, sand, yellow, etc.), you can also choose a model with or without a wave.

The greenest stove

Tosca of Zibro is an ecological and economical wood pellet stove. Equipped with an integrated termostat and a forced air system, it has a burner guaranteeing an efficiency of more than 80%. To make even more savings, this model works according to 5 pre-programmed heating stages. You can decide when the device will turn off and what temperature to reach. Note, this stove is available in all large DIY stores.


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