What colors for a south facing room

What colors for a south facing room

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Colors vibrate in different ways depending on the orientation of your room. Facing south, you immediately think: cool colors! And yet ... So when it comes to the question of color for your room, here are some clever tips for choosing it.

A soft and soothing atmosphere

The advantage and the disadvantage of a room facing south: it is the brightness! Too large, it dazzles and it can appear aggressive. So to soften your atmosphere, bet on soft colors that absorb light, while retaining its warm side. So beige, honey, white, peach are ideal for creating a delicate and soothing atmosphere.

Feng Shui precepts to the rescue

You are a fan of blue, the quintessential cold color, so you want to counterbalance the ardor of light. But beware, fans of feng shui will avoid this solution. On the contrary, according to the principles of this philosophy, a southern orientation evokes fire and extinguishing it with blue, which represents the water element, would thus inhibit the positive effect in your interior. Red, orange, yellow… are therefore completely to be prescribed.

Color advice

Before you start and paint your whole room in blue, a tip buy a small paint pot and test on a 1 square meter of wall. You will see your color change according to the advance of the day and you will be able to better see the whole. And a last precaution before taking action, be aware that a painting while drying becomes darker. A factor to take into account at the time of your choice!


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