The first ecological glass wool guaranteed

The first ecological glass wool guaranteed

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The Grenelle de l'Environnement aspires to a more responsible building sector for the future. To meet this expectation, Isover is launching the first guaranteed ecological insulation. Decryption by Erick Blin, Communication manager at Isover.

What are the challenges of insulation for the future?

In France, 45% of the energy is consumed by the building sector and 23% of CO2 emissions are also linked to the building, notably due to heating. 30 million dwellings have little or no insulation. However, by insulating a house, one can reduce its heating consumption by 80%. Treating what is called the quality of the envelope, i.e. the floor, the walls and the roof, is an important issue in terms of energy consumption because it is what makes it possible to reduce heat loss and therefore an energy efficient building.

What are the different families of insulation that exist on the market today?

Mineral insulators, such as glass wool and rock wool. Insulators of organic origin, such as expanded or extruded polystyrene or polyurethane. And insulators of animal or vegetable origin such as hemp wool, wood wool, cellulose, duck feather, sheep wool…

You are launching a new ecological guaranteed mineral wool, the G3 range. However, much is said about glass wool…

But to be fit for use, an insulator must also be fire resistant and inert towards rodents, fungi and rot, which is not always the case with so-called natural insulators. Glass wool consists of sand, recycled glass and an organic binder. It is not only natural but also 100% recyclable. The International Agency for Research on Cancer certifies that mineral wool is not carcinogenic. In this regard, all Isover products are certified by EUCEB, an independent European body. We are in a continuous process of improvement in order to further decrease the environmental impact of our products, especially during manufacturing.

What more does this G3 range bring to the insulation market?

It is the first range whose ecological aspect is guaranteed, and this guarantee is threefold: performance guarantee, since it offers the best thermal performance on the market; environmental guarantee, with a production based on natural products, a new manufacturing process which reduces energy and water consumption, a very high compression rate which reduces the need for transport and complete recyclability; Finally, a guarantee for health, since the products in this range are below the most demanding volatile organic compound emission thresholds, which makes it possible to better preserve the quality of indoor air. Each of these guarantees is based on certifications from independent authoritative bodies. The G3 range will now replace all other Isover ranges. To know more :


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