Which plants to choose for my veranda?

Which plants to choose for my veranda?

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Having a veranda where green and lush vegetation reigns like a greenhouse all year round is no longer a myth. François Pauly, Plant Section Manager at Jardiland, gives us some tips to make our veranda a veritable Eden of greenery. Interview by Emmanuelle Maran

For a greenhouse side, are there summer and winter plants?

There are no summer or winter plants. The veranda is a means of transit between inside and outside . We can allow ourselves to put green plants in the veranda all year long, as long as it is not heated. Thus, the prickly pear or all cacti love the annual stay in the veranda! For other plants, it is the ideal way to restore their health. The arrival of sunny days is the perfect time to bring out your green plants and let them enjoy the outdoors! In the fall, citrus fruits are fans of the veranda: sheltered from the cold, it is a real makeover for these heat-loving plants. Also don't forget the vegetables, tomato plants, cucumbers, pickles or melons, who will love spending the winter on the veranda.

Is plant maintenance rigorous?

The veranda plants do not really require any particular maintenance, but rather small gestures . Consider repotting in the spring, changing the soil and cutting off the excess green to avoid the jungle side. Also avoid squeezing the plants, they should not interfere with each other! Finally, when bringing out your plants, remember to cover them with a protective veil or an old sheet during the first three days, direct sunlight would be fatal! Otherwise, take out your plants for three consecutive rainy days so that they can calmly adapt to the new thermal conditions.

How to remedy the fogging caused by plants on the veranda?

In winter, the vegetation slows down, all the plants of the citrus, cacti, palm type are not demanding in water, they are satisfied with the ambient humidity. The best remedy is still ventilation and ventilation during a sunny afternoon. Little extra: think of dressing the walls of your veranda with climbing plants, bougainvillers and jasmine love its warmth and sunshine!


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