UPJ helps plants and flowers

UPJ helps plants and flowers

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What amateur gardener did not find himself one day facing a plant or flower problem wasting away. The solution: call on the UPJ, the plant clinic. Jacques My, Director General of the UPJ, explains everything to us.

What is the UPJ?

This means Union of companies for the protection of gardens and green spaces. It is a professional organization which carries out concrete actions for individuals and professionals. We represent all garden protection products, natural or of chemical origin: fungicides, herbicides, weedkillers, insecticides, potting soil, fertilizers ... We have, on the one hand, a representative role with public authorities and, on the other hand, a role information and advice to the public.

How are you useful to amateur gardeners?

Individuals find a lot of practical information to simplify their lives. For example, when there is a background of weed killer or other garden protection product, you never know how to get rid of it. On the UPJ website, the gardener finds the address of the nearest recycling center accepting this type of product. Another interesting section: "Diagnostics and advice", which is a remote plant clinic. It presents the main enemies of the garden as well as the different existing solutions.

What other specific services do you offer?

Our plant clinic is very active. Anyone having a concern with a flower or a plant can contact us by email or phone. She then sends us some digital photos via the site and our specialists respond to her very quickly, often by return. In more than 50% of cases, the plant does not need to be treated because it is most often a problem of nutrition, watering or exposure. The UPJ also participates in certain rallies. People come with samples of their sick plant and the plant doctors who are there diagnose it live.

Who are these plant doctors?

These are horticultural engineers and INRA specialists. They advise people on care but never give a brand name.

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