GUT: a label for ecological carpets

GUT: a label for ecological carpets

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Contrary to popular belief, the carpet is an asset for the air quality of your interior. In rooms covered with carpet, the dust remains trapped in the fibers until the vacuum cleaner passes. While on hard ground, dust flies at the slightest breath of air. Strengthened by this observation, the carpet manufacturers are committed to a sustainable manufacturing approach to meet the expectations of the market, consumers and the concerns of our time. Thus to register the life cycle of the carpet in an attitude respectful of the environment and a citizen approach is obvious. For a carpet whose impact on the environment is limited, choose the GUT label (Association of ecological carpets). TheAssociation of ecological carpets (GUT) was founded in December 1990 by companies from the European carpet industry in order to optimize the quality of textile floor coverings as well as their production cycle. This label ensures respect for the environment and consumer protection at each stage of the carpet's life cycle, from installation, to use and recycling. The recovery of used carpets and their energy recovery will replace the current landfill this year. The members of GUT undertake to optimize the production process to protect the environment as much as possible: - by having their products analyzed from the point of view of emissions of dangerous products - by manufacturing their products in environmentally friendly facilities - by opting for a continuous improvement process for production processes - by accepting inspections of compliance with the standards for their installation - by fulfilling their obligations relating to the purity of water, air and recycling issues. You just have to locate this label on the carpet before buying it! > More info on


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