Recycled glass mosaic

Recycled glass mosaic

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We knew that glass is recovered and recycled, what we know less is that today it offers a second life in our bathrooms!Surface, specialist in tiling, and always on the lookout for technical innovations and new materials, has developed the Feel mosaic collection, made from recovered and recycled glass. The principle: our glass containers, bottles, flasks or jars are collected and sorted by color. They are then broken, compiled and recomposed to create the mosaics. Nearly 11 colors are available with variations in color from one production to another, variations due to the different color tones of the glass containers. The mosaics are available on a 30x30 cm grid for easier installation. About 97% recycled product, only the binders are not green. Feel Surface Collection Mosaic , 111 euros per square meter> More info on


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