A console to give style to your entry

A console to give style to your entry

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We really liked what Monica did in her entry and we share it with you today. She designed a superb console for her entrance for a small fee, with just a Lack shelf and two Vika Fintorp legs, found at Ikea. She explains: "My husband and I needed a small table in our hall. This must have been shallow so as not to hinder the passage in the entrance of our apartment. As we did not have more than 30 cm, it was not easy to find a nice console both in the color we wanted (white) and affordable. It therefore seemed obvious to us that it would be simpler to design it ourselves. So we bought an invisible Lack wall shelf from Ikea (9.99 euros) and two Vika Fintorp legs (large model) for 10 euros each. "The assembly was then very easy: First attach the legs to the tray then fix it to the wall with the invisible fixing system supplied by Ikea with the Lack shelf. be careful to determine the correct location of the fastening system so that the console feet are resting on the floor. You get a console that is both modern and original with its two baroque legs. It is especially very practical to put your keys when you get home and can be harmonized with your interior (the Lack console is available in many colors) and all for around 30 euros. Seen on Ikeahacker


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