Earthenware to celebrate 9 years of marriage

Earthenware to celebrate 9 years of marriage

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Earthenware is a clay ceramic covered with enamel making its surface waterproof. It is in ancient Egypt and in ancient Persia that we find the first forms of earthenware, but it was from the 8th century that its use was generalized by Muslim potters. The technique was conveyed in the West by the Arab conquerors around the 13th century. The 15th century saw the art of earthenware develop strongly in Italy, then spread throughout Europe to reach its peak around the 18th century. Techniques evolve, styles too. The color is gradually added, the decorations are more and more refined ... The art of earthenware continues today and adapts to the spirit of the times thanks to contemporary and colorful patterns. But traditional earthenware is also acclaimed in a more refined and elegant style.


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