Choosing the right boxes for a successful move

Choosing the right boxes for a successful move

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Before your move, provide the necessary equipment to ensure the transport of your objects and furniture in complete safety: the packaging limits breakage of course and a well-chosen cardboard allows better organization thanks to well thought out signage.

Assessment of your need in boxes

Not easy to assess his need in boxes to pack all his small things. To guide you, the site gives the following estimates depending on the size of your accommodation: for a studio, 10 to 15 boxes, for a two-room apartment, 15 to 25, for a three-room apartment 25 to 40, finally for a four or five pieces, allow 40 to 100 boxes. The site also makes your task easier by offering kits adapted to your situation: from the student kit to move a studio (from 39.95 euros) to the family moving kit (from 185.50 euros ).

Cardboard format

On the Internet, you will have the choice between small boxes (35x27.5x30 cm), standard or large boxes depending on the site (55x35x30 cm). Remember, however, that if you manage your move yourself, small boxes are more manageable than large ones.

Boxes allowing the identification of the contents

Essential for a good organization on arrival, opt for moving boxes that allow location by parts, identification of products and their nature: fragility and weight. Most sites offer this type of box: you will then just have to check the boxes corresponding to the content.

A box for each category of objects

Clothes, books, plates, glasses, trinkets, there are now boxes for each of them: for clothes, the wardrobe box is equipped with a rod (11.93 euros on . Cardboard boxes are recommended for glasses, bottles and plates. It is practical and you will avoid the glass-by-glass packaging with bubble plastic (8.95 euros per cardboard braces on Finally, the book boxes are smaller and suitable for storing books, discs and documents (from 1.50 euros on You can also choose handling cases with lid and pierced handles (from 4.92 euros on

Cardboard boxes and packaging materials

Many sites offer kits, it is a good solution to not forget anything. They usually contain small and large cartons, at least one roll of adhesive and bubble plastic. On the site, the basic kit is 15.88 euros.

Ecological cardboard

And if you move environmentally friendly: the site offers the Ecolo Pack kit comprising 20 small boxes, 10 large boxes, a roll of adhesive kraft and a bag of organic Flopak, all fully recyclable for 58.31 euros.

Protective equipment

If you do not opt ​​for kits, then think of the material that will allow you to protect your objects: bubble wrap, adhesives to wrap and close the boxes and especially dispenser gun, very practical when you have 150 boxes to close. Finally, for larger furniture, you will need moving blankets (from 72.45 euros for the 10 blankets on


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