What work plan to choose for your kitchen?

What work plan to choose for your kitchen?

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The miracle work plan does not exist, so the best is to prioritize the required characteristics according to its priorities. Is it the design? resistance to scratches and stains? Or the price? See rather our summary of the different materials offered, with their advantages and disadvantages…

The most trendy worktops

The Corian A solid, non-porous material, Corian is made of acrylic resins and mineral powders. Hard as stone, it offers good resistance to impacts, is not afraid of heat or stains and is easy to maintain. It is however slightly sensitive to scratches. The Corian is available in a wide variety of colors. Its price remains quite high.

Concrete Very trendy, the concrete worktop is also very aesthetic. The look can be worked with different treatments (patinated, tinted, waxed, smoothed, varnished, etc.). Maintenance is simple and is done with soap and water. Concrete can, however, break at the corners. The cost is quite variable depending on the masonry work.

The most hygienic worktops

stainless steel Stainless steel worktops are used in professional kitchens because of their hygienic qualities among others. Stainless steel also resists rust, heat and humidity. He talks with alcohol vinegar and a soft cloth. Never use a scratching brush. Its price remains quite high.

Mineralite Mixture of resin and mineral material, the mineralite is very hygienic and impact resistant. However, it requires a cutting board and a trivet when preparing food so as not to damage it. Very easy to maintain. Its price remains in the upper average.

The most resistant worktops

Granite Certainly the most resistant and heaviest material, granite is easy to maintain and resists scratches. He does not fear heat. Its price is high. Maintenance is done with a sponge and window cleaner.

Quartz Quartz is a reconstituted stone made from natural quartz (almost 92%) and acrylic resin to which pigments can be added for the decorative aspect. Very hard, it is resistant to stains, scratches, shock and heat. Maintenance is carried out with soapy water. Its price is quite high.

The most elegant worktops

slate Very elegant, the slate is however quite fragile. It scratches and stains quite easily, therefore requiring regular maintenance. However, it offers good heat resistance. Mostly available in green, black or gray. Its price remains quite high. Marble Elegant and noble but fairly restrictive, marble is fairly sensitive to shocks, scratches and stains. A wide range of colors exists. Its price remains quite high. Solid wood Soft and natural, wood warms the room and improves over time. Maintenance must be regular with vegetable oil (operation to repeat regularly 1 time per month the first year) or a food varnish (darkens the work plan but durable treatment against stains). The wood is however sensitive to stains and scratches. Its price is generally low. For more information, see our file on wooden worktops.

Glass Natural, resistant and hygienic, the glass is maintained with a soft cloth. However, it is easily scratched and is sensitive to shocks. It gives a light effect to a kitchen. Its price is average.

The most economical worktops

Laminate Composed of several sheets of kraft paper glued and placed on a particle board, the laminate offers a wide variety of shapes and colors. It offers good value for money. The laminate does not tolerate very high temperatures (dishes that come out of the oven) and fears scratches.

Melamine Easy to install and maintain, melamine exists in a wide choice of colors and design. It can sometimes blister near the sink over time. Its price is one of the most accessible. Ceramic In the form of porcelain, stoneware, terracotta or earthenware, ceramic is one of the least expensive materials. Its great impact resistance and ease of maintenance make it its main assets. On the downside: the joints get dirty and the ceramic is less beautiful than other materials.


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