Leko, the ecological car according to Ikea?

Leko, the ecological car according to Ikea?

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For several days a strange rumor has been spreading on the internet: Swedish furniture giant IKEA to launch car . Called LEKO, this mysterious product is presented as the most economical and ecological way to go shopping in your favorite IKEA store. But what is hidden beneath this tarpaulin? A kit car? A cardboard automobile? A simple economic alternative to the car to go for a stroll in the nearest shopping center? Rental service? Ikea raised the buzz and endorsed its operation by the presence of the very serious WWF. It is therefore clear that the ecological argument will be there. But let's be careful and watch carefully the end of the countdown of the site dedicated to the operation. Would it not correspond to March 31 (eve of April 1)? Ikea may not want to get into the automotive industry but rather the fish industry (April)! The bets are open ! And you what do you think ? You still have a few days to give your hypothesis in the comments below

March 26 update

It would be a carpooling service according to the site. Ikea's official response in a few days!


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