6 ideas to customize a floor

6 ideas to customize a floor

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For unique floors reflecting your personality, consider customizing them. The most simple and economical solution is the sticker. Specially designed for floors, these adhesives can be glued wherever you want and be changed whenever you want! Another option is linoleum tiles. This 100% natural coating is available in several colors and will allow you to arrange the different modules according to your taste. If you want a really original coating, go to PVC. Manufacturers offer unusual and fun patterns, to recreate a golf lawn for example! For people with creative talents, some companies offer to recreate on the ground the patterns of your choice. The process is implemented thanks to a resin decorated according to the wishes of the client. In the mood for nature? Think of pebbles or other stones. Choose the models you like, these small stones will then be assembled and placed on your floor creating a unique coating. And if you are a fan of high technology, it is now possible to lay glass tiles, printed with photos of your choice ... revolutionary!


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