Candlemas: a pancake shop for a pancake party

Candlemas: a pancake shop for a pancake party

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Whether you are a small group or a large party, whether you have an ogre or sparrow appetite, each has its own crepe maker ... From the low-cost crepe maker at 39.90 euros (Téfal) to the cast iron pro device to play the great chefs at 226.25 euros (Kamprouz), there is something for all budgets! Some are even clever like the Lagrange crepe maker which allows you to concoct XXL pancakes or several mini-pancakes to vary the pleasures. Change the plate and voila! Multifunction devices can be transformed into a raclette, grill or crepe maker. A 3 in 1 that not only saves space in its closets, but also to be able to enjoy throughout the year of its device.


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