The enamel sign for a decorative touch

The enamel sign for a decorative touch

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Recreate a retro atmosphere in your interior with the legendary enamel signs! The first enamelled plaque for advertising purposes appeared in 1885. It was then an economical method of advertising because it was resistant to the sun and bad weather, maintenance-free that certain enamelling guaranteed for twenty to thirty years. Having become expensive and too long to carry out, it has gradually given way to paper support. These witness plates from another era are today very popular with collectors. Fortunately, some stores are now creating inexpensive plaques that will give your interior a touch of nostalgia. All posters offers a wide range of mythical advertisements such as Lu Lu Biscots (18.90 euros), Hot dogs (16.50 euros) or Coffee (14.90 euros). For a Belle Epoque style, you will find several models at Gifi: advertisements for a restaurant, water, a party or flowers (5.99 euros each). Finally, for a personalized plaque, go to where you can register your message with a street-type plaque.


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