A Christmas tree to "iron" yourself

A Christmas tree to "iron" yourself

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Create your own Christmas tree with a wire and a light garland. It is a stylized way of making a tree that will work just as well indoors as outdoors. Big or small, compose it to your liking and illuminate it with a garland. Level: way Completion time : 2:00 Indicative cost: 26 euros Necessary material : - 1 roll of wire = 5 euros - 1 zinc pot = 12 euros - Black pebbles = 5 euros - Light garland = 4 euros - Wooden board - Shears Step 1: Create the tree structure - Create a tree template on the wooden board by screwing three screws so as to form a right triangle. - Compose one of the tree templates by passing the wire around each screw. - Cut the wire with the shears. - Repeat the operation three times to create four tree stencils. Step 2: Train the tree in 3D - Connect the four templates of the tree to the top with wire, in order to create the tree. - Braid together the four "feet" of the templates. Step 3: Plant the tree - Put the black pebbles in a zinc pot. - Plant the tree in the center of the pot. - Twist the light garland all around the structure. - Connect. The most decorative: You can decorate your new tree with colorful garlands, feathers or Christmas balls to give it an extra festive air! It is also possible to use this technique to make other shapes such as a star for example.


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