In decoration, the pebble makes ricochets

In decoration, the pebble makes ricochets

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Far from being the symbol of a seaside decor, the pebble is displayed in Zen interiors. At the heart of the simple trend and back to basics, it is now available on a wide range of supports ranging from stickers to floor coverings. Its mineral origin is a source of creative inspiration.

Mineral inspiration

It must be admitted that nature does things well: a pebble, in its raw state, is simply beautiful. Beautiful by its material, by its colors, white, gray or black, or by its shape close to perfection. An essential element of the Japanese garden, pebbles enter our homes as a symbol of Zen and well-being. Places of relaxation and spas take over to transform the pebbles into a decorative element in its own right. At home, you can recreate this mineral sweetness, not by picking up pebbles on the beach because it is strictly prohibited, but by buying pebbles on All kinds of pebbles calibrated according to their size and color are sold by weight: 3.20 euros per kilo, 17.25 euros for 5 kg and 50 euros for 25 kilos.

The pebble, decorative object

If you have a creative mind, you can make Zen sculptures yourself by sticking pebbles on top of each other. The book Créations en galets by F. Pane at Fleurus for example gives you lots of ideas and realizations to do with pebbles. If you do not have the soul of a handyman, know that you will find pebbles declined at the foot of the lamp at Alinéa for example. Finally, the pebble, still in its raw and natural form, is ideal for dressing the floor of a bathroom. At Castorama, for example, there are pebble slabs fixed on a flexible frame which allows laying on the ground without visible joints, from 6.90 euros for the 30x30 cm slab.

XXL pebbles

Spectacular, the pebble is diverted thanks to designers who use its shape and its colors to be inspired by it and create furniture and seats. Result: XXL fake pebbles invade our homes! The famous Livingstone pebbles imagined by the designer Stéphanie Martin, are comfortable seats to create a very cocoon corner. These roller cushions are filled with Bultex foam or hypoallergenic fibers and are made of polar wool or pure virgin wool. We also retain the minimalism of the Kioshi pebble tables created by the designer Naota Fukasawa which are available in two versions, matt or glossy. But there, creation has a price! Finally, on the floor, the astonishing carpet made up of a multitude of Bokara wool pebbles assembled together in brown and beige hues (on sale at, 249 euros)

Pebble printing

The pebble is also available in the form of posters, in particular thanks to the very poetic work of Laurent Pinsard. The photographer creates triptychs depicting the beautiful simplicity of the pebbles (11.90 euros in 20x60 cm on Different formats are available and if your wallet allows it, you can choose to offer yourself an original photo print. The brand Vénilia, specialist in wall adhesive, declines an adhesive paper with pebble patterns: a way, why not, to bring the pretty stone into the kitchen! On the ground, you can choose a PVC covering with an original pebble pattern. "The plus": great ease of maintenance and a very low price, 7.90 euros per square meter at Leroy Merlin. Finally, to go even further in "zenitude", Sibecx offers a range of switches with pebble decorations to personalize your home down to the smallest detail. Find out more:


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