10 fancy toilet seats

10 fancy toilet seats

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The toilet seat is often not very aesthetic. To remedy this, here is a selection of original toilet seats that will brighten up your toilets. First of all, know that very decorative flaps are now sold "ready to install". BHV offers a wide range of flaps in solid colors (45 euros) but also with baroque or romantic motifs (49 euros). For a humorous touch you will find on the site a flap prohibiting fishing (25 euros) or "VIP" or "eau de toilette" stickers (14.90 euros) to be placed on the flap. The sticker being another decorative solution, there are cow spots on the same site to distribute over the toilet seat (19.90 euros). For more originality, have your sticker made with your personal photos on the website Finally for an artistic wink, opt for the Pop art flowers flap (116.79 euros) from or for the sticker with the signature "R. Mutt 1917", tribute to the famous "fountain "by R. Mutt alias Marcel Duchamp, 15 euros on


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