A wooden frame to dress the walls

A wooden frame to dress the walls

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The step by step

1 With the large mason's ruler, first locate the most advanced point of the wall to fix the first vertical cleat. 2 Make pilot holes in the cleat ... which will also allow you to locate the location in the wall of the future dowel. 3 Install the concrete drill bit, drill the wall and drive the dowels into it.4 Then carefully fix your first cleat, by three anchor points distributed over the entire height and checking its verticality at the spirit level. 5 Place the second batten in the same way, 50 or 60 cm from the first. 6 Then draw a line connecting the first two battens and space the other battens approximately 80 cm.7 On this primary framework, trace the location of the horizontal battens by placing the first at 10 cm from the ground and spacing the following by about 60 cm. 8 After having made pilot holes so as not to burst the wood, screw the horizontal battens directly on the primary framework, always checking the plumb. 9 Also place battens around doors and windows to facilitate hanging of future cladding.

The pro's advice

When your wall is flat, this double frame is not essential. The installation of horizontal battens of 20 x 40 mm is sufficient to install paneling or a frieze. You will place them every 50 cm, taking care to install the bottom one 5 mm from the ground. In this case, the covering is laid perpendicular to the battening.

Good to know

This vertical frame must be solid. If the wall is very irregular, it will be essential to slide small wooden wedges under the cleat to catch the verticality. On the ground, you will fix the wedges directly in concrete or stone, before screwing your cleat on the wedge. Know-how - home decor © La maison rustique - éditions Flammarion, 2006