Curtains: Eyelet door

Curtains: Eyelet door

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Doors or curtains with metal eyelet heads are particularly suitable for a contemporary interior. Since the tools for setting eyelets of this size (4 cm in diameter) are quite expensive, it is advisable to use ready-to-use strips (available in fabric stores), which considerably facilitate making.

Choice of fabric and accessories

Choose your fabric according to the shade and material of the eyelet bands. With this type of eyelets, a fairly dry and heavy fabric is perfect. To calculate the yardage required for a door with an eyelet strip of this height, put your rod and measure to the ground by adding 8 cm for the hems. Always count an odd number of eyelets and the same width of fabric on each side of the first and last eyelets.

The step by step

Assembly and installation

The size varies according to the type of atmosphere and the fabric chosen. If you need to assemble two strips to obtain the size required for your curtain, here is the procedure to follow. 1 Assemble two fabric heights, i.e. the yardage of fabric between the rod and the ground plus 8 cm, right sides together, by sewing 2 cm from the edge.

2 Turn your fabric over and open the seam with an iron. 3 On the two heights, make a return of 2 cm. 4 Prepare twelve flat folds 6.5 cm deep across the width of the fabric. To do this, place a pin 6 cm from the right edge and the next 13 cm. Mark the following folds, spacing the pins alternately 10 and 13 cm. 5 Form the folds by overlapping the two pins each time. Remove the top pin and pin the three layers of fabric together.

6 Mark with a 2 cm recess on the two long sides of the strip of eyelets. 7 Open the eyelet strip and place it astride the top of the curtain, covering the head by about 2 cm. Stitch in straight stitch.

8 On the two short sides, tuck the fabric of the strip so that it fits over the edges of the curtain and machine stitch. 9 Install your curtain on its rod and wait 24 hours. 10 Then pin the bottom hem so that it is about 1 cm from the ground. 11 Take down your curtain and stitch your hem. For very light curtains, you can attach small eyelets sold in fabric stores yourself with the corresponding clip. You will place your eyelets on the already hemmed head to avoid tearing the fabric. The choice of the rod or a simple tensioned metal cable will depend on the diameter of the eyelets. Then opt for very gathered curtains which are truly spectacular.

The Pro Council

If your fabric is heavy, pinning can be a bit difficult. In this case, do not hesitate to put a few points by hand to keep it perfectly in place. Know-how - home decor © La maison rustique - éditions Flammarion, 2006