Zoom on the bio-ethanol chimney without flue

Zoom on the bio-ethanol chimney without flue

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Operating principle of the bio-ethanol fireplace

The bio-ethanol fireplace is so called because it runs on bioethanol, a 100% natural alcohol from the fermentation of beetroot or distilled cereals, which can be purchased commercially (in DIY stores but also on the internet) in liquid form, in cans whose capacity often varies between 1 and 20 liters.

A ethanol fireplace works very simply: you fill the tank of the chimney with fuel, which will be consumed in the burner. Quite simply !

The bio-ethanol fireplace, very easy to use, can either be placed directly in a room (at the location of your choice), or built-in (in an already existing fireplace, or in an opening specially designed for this purpose in the wall). Bio-ethanol fireplaces, the tank of which can contain more than 0.25 liters must imperatively be built-in, or fixed against a wall.

In terms of price, the ethanol fireplace is all that is affordable: count between 300 and 500 € for entry-level models, and around 1000-2000 € for more design models. Without forgetting of course the price of fuel!

The strong points of the ethanol fireplace

It will be a few years that the bio-ethanol fireplace has the wind in its sails, and that it beats sales records among individuals. This is not surprising given the many advantages it offers, the ethanol fireplace being:

  • A ecological fireplace. Indeed, during its combustion, ethanol does not release more CO2 than two burning candles, and no more water vapor than a humidifier! 100% renewable, ethanol reduces the greenhouse effect because it replaces fossil fuels, which produce much more CO2. So, no danger for your health and no risk for the planet…
  • A clean chimney, which does not emit smoke, no ash, no soot… and which should not be swept!
  • A chimney couldn't be easier to install, since the bio-ethanol chimney does not require any casing or any connection. Logical, for a chimney that does not emit smoke.
  • A fireplace that fits to your needs, and that it is possible to transport easily from one room to another (except for bioethanol built-in fireplaces, of course).
  • A very easy to use chimney, for which it is enough to fill a tank of ethanol. With the bio-ethanol fireplace, the wood chore is over (to carry and store)!
  • A aesthetic fireplace and design, which it is possible to buy in many possible sizes and shapes, with a large choice in terms of materials. It is even possible to buy false logs commercially to create a wood fire effect ... but with an adjustable height and flame power!

What are the disadvantages of an ethanol fireplace?

Although it is enjoying growing success and it is more and more present in interiors, the bio-ethanol fireplace has some weak points that must be taken into account before buying it. For example :

  • Its limited heating performance, which makes the ethanol fireplace a superb decorative object ... but not a heating system!
  • The risk of poisoning with carbon monoxide (and black carbon particles) if combustion is not complete. This is why it is very important to install a bio-ethanol fireplace in a room equipped with a ventilation system.
  • Since bioethanol is a highly flammable fuel, the ethanol fireplace is not the most secure and poses the risk of burns.


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