What to clean with percarbonate?

What to clean with percarbonate?

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Under this slightly barbaric name hides a 100% natural stain remover! Less popular than its cousin, bicarbonate, it has equally effective cleaning properties. Also called solid hydrogen peroxide, percarbonate is a powerful whitener and disinfectant. We tell you how to use it.

Our tips:

- Detach and launder the laundry - Deodorize the whole house - Descale - Dissolve mold - Precautions for use

1. Detach and launder the laundry

To detach and bleach the laundry, percarbonate is a very effective agent in addition to being ecological! For best results, use it as a prewash: for this you need to soak the stained laundry or garment, which has yellowed or tarnished in a mixture of one to three tablespoon (s) percarbonate for one liter of hot water. Then, associated with your laundry, a tablespoon directly in the drum of the machine will be sufficient to wash clothes and household linen, at a temperature of 40 ° C minimum. For textiles that are difficult to machine wash, spray this same mixture and leave to stand for 10 minutes then rinse thoroughly.

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2. Deodorize the whole house

If it detaches textiles perfectly, percarbonate also has a deodorizing action. An asset in the laundry room as well as for the maintenance of the whole house. To deodorize your pipes for example, mix 30 g of percarbonate in 250 ml of hot water and pour into the pipe to let it act overnight. Or even if the cat's litter box or litter box smells strong, spray with the previous mixture and leave on for around thirty minutes. You can also soak textiles impregnated with a stubborn tobacco smell in the same mixture.

3. Descale

Over time and with use, our household appliances that require water, as well as the surfaces exposed to water, are subject to the severe test of tartar. For example, to maintain your coffee maker, keep it healthy, mix 2 tablespoons of percarbonate with a liter of water and pour the necessary amount into the water tank. Operate the machine as if you are making coffee. Repeat the operation three times with water without percarbonate to rinse well. You will do the same for your kettle.

4. Dissolve mold

© Les Yeux en Amande In the bathroom, shower, bathtub and fittings will eventually become covered with mold if maintenance is not regular enough. To overcome it, nothing better again than the ecological method: mix 3 tablespoons of percarbonate with 1 liter of hot water, pour in a spray bottle and apply to the joints of your tiles, the shower curtain, the taps, and leave to act overnight. Also don't hesitate to scrub with an old toothbrush if necessary.

5. Precautions for use

You now know how to use percarbonate throughout the house. Here are some precautions for use and advice when you use it: * Always use gloves to handle it * The percarbonate-water mixture requires, for it to be effective, that the water is hot to be at least 50 ° C . * Once you have finished using this mixture, pour it into the pipes. No need to keep it, it is no longer effective after 6 hours. * Avoid using percarbonate on delicate textiles, woollens and silk, or in sensitive colors.


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