8 essential accessories for a return to the garden!

8 essential accessories for a return to the garden!

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Spring is coming soon! If you want to revive your exterior before the arrival of sunny days, it is high time to take care of your garden. Our selection of furniture and accessories will help you organize your little corner of paradise ...

Plastic greenhouse, € 95.56 *, Nature

By providing your plants with shelter from the vagaries of the climate, this wall greenhouse will help you take care of your garden. Solid and light with its metal frame, it will fulfill its mission without ever failing. A basic not to be missed!

© Made in Furniture / Wadiga Cast iron edging, € 14.80 *, Esschert Design

Spring is coming soon! Show off your flower beds with this pretty Victorian-style cast iron edging. Its old-fashioned charm will give your garden that retro touch that makes all the difference.

© Made in Furniture / Wadiga Metal watering can, € 28.80 *, Moulton Mill

No successful return to the garden without a practical and functional watering can! As warm weather arrives and temperatures rise, be sure to provide your plants with all the water they need. They will thank you ...

© Pixabay Compost bin, € 139 *, Cemonjardin

With the end of the winter period, the time has come to breathe new life into your exterior. To complete your task, bet on the wooden compost bin. Let him take care of your garden: he will fulfill his mission brilliantly!

© Maisons du Monde Preparation table, € 65.80 *, Burger

For a successful return to the garden, opt for this clever preparation table. Equipped with two trays, it will offer you all the ergonomics you need to work serenely. But how could you do without it for so long?

© Northern Lighting Square vegetable patch, € 74.80 *, Burger

Do you want to make your garden a real little corner of paradise? This multi-storey vegetable patch should help you. What pride to eat fruits and vegetables that you will have grown yourself! Can not wait for the spring…

© Philips Storage cabinet, € 129 *, Cemonjardin

When spring will chase away the last frosts of winter, it's time to breathe new life into your exterior! This is when the storage cabinet will enter the scene. Entrust your tools to her: she will make you well!

© shabby French vintage Garden shelf, € 25.80 *, Esschert Design

With its retro design and elegant lines, this is a shelf that does not lack charm! Made of natural wood, it will easily find its place in your garden. An essential accessory to beautify your exterior! Do you want to discover our entire selection of garden accessories? It's over there ! (*) Prices noted on the site on 03/15/2018, subject to change based on commercial offers.


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