The art and how to shade your garden

The art and how to shade your garden

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When the mercury rises, your garden can quickly take on the appearance of a furnace! A little shade is then welcome, to continue to take full advantage of your outdoor space. How to arrange a shaded area in your garden? Should we favor a fixed or mobile installation? Our freshness tips will embellish your summer…

Shade sails and parasols: they follow you like your shade!

Portable systems allow shade wherever you are in your garden. To all lord all honor: the parasol is, by far, the most widespread in our countries. The ideal? The offset parasol, swiveling and tilting 360 °, to benefit from effective protection whatever the jokes of the sun. Less widespread but just as practical, the shade veil is in the form of a triangular canvas, the ends of which are freely fixed to a mast, a hook or even a tree branch. For a maintenance reduced to the minimum, opt for a machine washable model.Provide shade in your garden has never been easier!

Without taking up space on the ground, the deported parasol covers you with shade: ideal at lunchtime!

Arbors and reception tents: the champions of semi-fixed shade!

Do you want to install a semi-fixed structure, for the entire duration of the summer season? Arbors and other reception tents are made for you. With their pointed roof and their side curtains, these tent-like structures will bring a touch of elegance to the decor of your garden. Modular, their side façades can open or close, to let the air pass or keep the freshness. At the end of summer, these removable structures can be dismantled and stored easily. They will then wait patiently for the return of sunny days.

In addition to being effective against the sun, the arbor is incredibly chic

Pergolas and terrace roofs: the shade takes up residence all year round!

More expensive but also more durable, fixed structures are ideal for developing a sustainable shaded area in your garden . Leaning against the front of your house, the pergola gives character to your exterior, while constituting an effective barrier against the sun's rays. Only drawback, it takes up space! If you miss it, opt instead for a retractable patio roof. Controlled by an electrical system, it folds and unfolds at will in the extension of the facade, without encroachment on the ground. At the first ray of sunshine, a simple click on your remote control and voila! You are in the shade ...

The pergola shelters you all year round… sun as rain!


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