We dare yellow in the room!

We dare yellow in the room!

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To sleep well in a room, we often recommend putting zen colors in it: variations of blue, pastels, a soft green… But why not add a touch of yellow, a radiant and stimulating color for a joyful awakening? We explain how to integrate this warm color in your room!

Paint your room yellow?

A yellow room decoration ? And why not ! There are 50 shades of yellow: lemon yellow, sand, honey or mustard, pale or fluorescent, we go from tonic tones to softer and pastel tones… Anyway, yellow paint will give a more cheerful look to your room, and will put you in a good mood as soon as you wake up. However, we advise you not to make the total look by painting your 4 walls in yellow. Better to bet on a section of wall, a base, the headboard or create a pattern on the wall (a strip, a triangle ...). Especially since yellow goes perfectly with other colors! Combined with blue, gray, black or pink, it will energize the space while illuminating it, and will create a real breathing in your decor. You also need to know how to use it wisely depending on the light: a section of yellow wall facing north will be brighter than a yellow facing south!

A pale yellow wall to combine softness and cheerfulness in the bedroom.

Yellow dotted around in the decor

Vibrate your interior with touches of yellow in your accessories: - yellow bed linen to create the surprise - a yellow and white zebra carpet at the foot of your bed for an awakening full of cheerfulness - curtains in soft golden or mustard tones - yellow graphic cushions - pictures with a touch of yellow to brighten up - an atypical yellow lamp post - a yellow medallion or rocking chair to rock your baby or read a book… will enhance your decor! Yellow also goes very well with raw materials : stone, concrete, wood, etc. This is also why it is often put forward in the Scandinavian style. A rattan armchair painted in yellow in a corner, a table framed in wood… You can also play it more design by painting only the bottom of a niche, a piece of furniture or a recess: yellow is perfect for illuminating the dark corners!

A yellow carpet or armchair, it doesn't take more to light up your room!

Yellow rather in an adult or child's room?

Both ! As yellow is a dynamic color , we will immediately think of using it in a child's room, for its cheerfulness, especially in the play corner! Yellow - mixed color - is also a great alternative to blue and pink for a nursery. Did you know that yellow promotes communication ? It will judiciously find its place in the office space, making it more pleasant and welcoming. You can also brighten up your child's room by painting the bottom of the walls in yellow to create a sparkling base effect. In an adult bedroom, yellow wakes up the decor and brings the sun into the room in any season. Combined with dark gray or black, it brings a chic side. For a vitamin look, the room is dressed in white and yellow, and for a more tender and feminine menu, we will play on pastels. All styles are allowed! So, ready to dare the yellow?

Yellow goes for young and old alike: no reason to miss it!


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