Mother's Day: our card illustrated by Lucille Michieli to download

Mother's Day: our card illustrated by Lucille Michieli to download

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Prepare your most beautiful pen to write a sweet word to send to your favorite mom for Mother's Day thanks to our beautiful illustrated card to download. A small handwritten card for your mom, a little bit of happiness in an envelope. For Mother's Day, we invited the young Lucille Michieli, creative jack of all trades, from illustration to ceramics through sewing, to draw a map for us to download. She, who has just become a mom, offers us a superb pop-up card. We leave you free download this card and we explain how to assemble it…

Our mother's day card to download >> here <<

S8442440W650 N On your A4 sheet, you will find your Mother's Day card and a small bird to cut out.

Take a pair of scissors, a tube of glue and off you go!


1. Cut out the card and the little bird. 2. Fold the card in half and fold the small tongues of the bird following the dotted lines. 3. Place a point of glue where it says "stick". 4. Stick the bird in the center of the open card. 5. Fold the card in half.

All you have to do is write a sweet word to your mom and put it all in an envelope!

Have you downloaded our beautiful illustrated map? Share the photos of our free printable at home on Instagram!


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